As one of the Midwest's leading investment companies, we have backed several exciting businesses. As a highly strategic investment firm, we back our fintech investments throughout all stages. From startup funding through growth stage capital management, we provide unparalleled investment management. 

We are always seeking new and innovative companies to join our investment portfolio. We encourage companies seeking investment to learn more about our funds in order to find the investment opportunity best suited for them.

Capital: As a leading Iowa investment firm, we provide funding for technology companies throughout the Midwest. We invest in companies ranging from seed stage to growth stage. Typically, we invest $0.5 to $5.0 million per company. Through our strong relationships with our investment partners, we can do even larger transactions. 

Focus: As an established capital investment company, we deliver valuable partnerships with our portfolio companies. We invest in national fintechs with the backing of some of the largest credit unions in the nation. As an investment firm in Des Moines, we also invest in innovative Iowa businesses to strengthen our local economic ecosystem.

Curql Fund

The Curql fund focuses on providing fintech investment in capital management to promising fintech companies nationwide. Curql helps tech companies in the financial sector to excel in the highly competitive and fast-paced banking environment.

Midwest Funds

For almost a decade, our Midwest funds have helped provide startup funding and resources for Midwest businesses. As an IA investment firm, we are actively seeking investments in Iowa to bolster our local economy.

Learn more about Next Level Ventures or contact us today to discuss which funding option is best suited to meet your business's goals. Learn more about our investments and process by visiting our FAQ page.