Intrigue Capital Launches

July 9, 2023

New York, NY -- Intrigue Capital, an investor in high-growth companies, is thrilled to announce its launch. Scott Hoekman, the founder of Intrigue Capital, and his team will partner with entrepreneurs on their significant strategic opportunities.

Scott Hoekman has nearly three decades of experience in providing capital to companies as well as producing results with entrepreneurs and boards of directors. He also has invested almost $150 million, served on 18 boards, and worked on transactions totaling $3 billion in value. Mr. Hoekman was most recently a Partner at Next Level Ventures (NLV), and he played a major role in NLV's management of Curql, a credit union-backed fund, and its investment in serveral fintechs.

"Scott has been instrumental as a Partner for us at NLV, and we are excited for the opportunities which Intrigue Capital brings to companies as well as their boards. Entrepreneurs need capital and advice to navigate through their growth, and Intrigue Capital will be extremely helpful supporting in those activities. We really look forward to working with Scott on those endeavors at Intrigue Capital," said Craig Ibsen, Managing Partner of NLV.

The inspiration for Intrigue Capital comes from Mr. Hoekman's investment in and close work with NLV's portfolio companies. As an example of this collaboration, Mr. Hoekman has been a member of the board of directors of Coviance since NLV led Coviance's Series A investment round in 2018. Coviance is an excellent case study for what Intrigue Capital will do for other businesses.

Omar Jordan, the founder and CEO of Coviance, said, "Scott brings tremendous benefits as an investor and a board member. His strong expertise in strategy, finance, and deals has been instrumental for our fast growth. I am very grateful to have someone of Scott's caliber to serve as a director of Coviance, and I am certain he will share his impressive abilities with more entrepreneurs."

In addition to the ongoing board role with Coviance, Mr. Hoekman will serve as a Senior Advisor to NLV and maintain substantial investments in NLV's funds. "I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished since NLV's inception in 2012: growing to $350 million in assets under management and 50 portfolio companies. These definitely are achievements worth celebrating."

Intrigue Capital will be the next step forward for investing in and working with companies. "My successful experiences in bringing capital to founders provides the focus for Intrigue Capital. I am enthusiastic about the possibilities in innovation and with dynamic entrepreneurs," said Mr. Hoekman.

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About Intrigue Capital - Intrigue Capital is an investment firm based in New York. The firm invests in fast-growing companies and advises them on their significant strategic opportunities. For more information, please go to

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