Facteus' Pulse Product Continues to Raise the Bar

August 4, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. & NEW YORK, August 04, 2022--Facteus' recently launched Pulse data product continues to raise the bar in its latest rankings in Consumer Transaction Data Performance on Maiden Century's IDEA platform. Pulse has already jumped its top rankings to 77 consumer companies' KPIs from 65 just one month ago at launch. Notably, Pulse ranks first in 28 companies' KPIs in forecast accuracy and top 3 in 49 other KPIs.

"This improvement in Pulse's rankings continues to reinforce our strategy to build the most holistic and stable view of consumer spending through multiple direct partnerships," said Lorn Davis, Head of Product & Strategy at Facteus. "We are excited to utilize the IDEA platform to monitor our accuracy as we continue to onboard more transaction data partners."

The perspective that Maiden Century provides the market as an independent platform for data insights is invaluable in helping the Alternative Data industry mature and grow. As a result, IDEA can empirically measure alternative data products using rigorous modeling methodologies to provide the most unbiased view on predictive accuracy.

"Facteus continues to demonstrate that there is always room to improve predictive performance for Alternative Data providers, and objectively quantifying these improvements is one of the major benefits Maiden Century provides for the industry," said Don Wood, CRO of Maiden Century.

About Facteus

Facteus is an alternative data and technology company democratizing data insights by safely unlocking valuable data sets and increasing data literacy. Our synthetic data engine, MIMIC™, safely unlocks sensitive data sets for research and insights purposes. Through our alternative data research, predictive analytics, and insights platform, Quantamatics™, Facteus provides a turnkey solution for streamlining data sourcing, management, normalization, and contextualization of a wide range of research and investment workflows. To learn more, visit www.facteus.com.

About Maiden Century

Maiden Century sits at the confluence of asset management, alternative data and technology. Built on the buy-side, and battle tested with a proven track record of generating strong alpha, Maiden Century's two core products (IDEA and QTIP) help fundamental and systematic investors harness the power of their data resources to generate powerful investment insights. To learn more, visit www.maidencentury.com

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