Cattlemen's Heritage Selects Iowa Company, Gross-Wen Technologies, To Provide Wastewater Treatment Technology to its new Processing Facility in Western Iowa

April 7, 2022

DES MOINES, Iowa, April 7, 2022 -- Cattlemen's Heritage Beef Company has selected Gross-Wen Technologies, a leading algae-based wastewater treatment company based in rural Slater, Iowa to provide wastewater treatment at Company's new beef processing plant in western Iowa, Managing Partner Chad Tentinger said today.

The 500,000-square-foot Cattlemen's Heritage beef-harvesting plant, located in northern Mills County just south of Council Bluffs, will harvest 1,500 head per day and employ up to 750 people. Groundbreaking is scheduled for spring 2022.

"We were impressed with the GWT technology because it is the most sustainable and energy efficient way to treat wastewater. The algae-based system captures carbon dioxide while removing nutrients and biological loadings. GWT's technology will help us meet our facility's goals to be energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.", Chad Tentinger said.

This algae wastewater facility will recover nitrogen and phosphorus that are released at the harvesting facility before they get to the Missouri river. Once the nitrogen and phosphorus is recovered they will be re-used as a valuable fertilizer. In addition, this facility will capture and offset 2,377 tons of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere which will equivalent to avoiding the use of 242,000 gallons of gasoline every year. 

GWT Co-Founder and President Dr. Martin Gross expressed his company's excitement to provide an innovative, sustainable treatment solution to this new facility.

"Chad and his team are determined to expanding beef processing in the upper Midwest to ensure that cattle producers receive a fair return on their financial investment and hard work," he said. "We're excited to play a part in that ambitious goal by providing a state of the art, innovative, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient wastewater treatment solution."

Dr. Gross noted this facility will be the largest algae-based wastewater treatment facility in the United States when operational in Q4 of 2023. 

About Cattlemen's Heritage Beef Company: Cattlemen's Heritage Beef Company is a newly formed corporation led by project developer Chad Tentinger, founder, and owner of Ten Corp Inc. and an Iowa cattle producer. Tentinger hopes to provide a market for cattle raised by smaller, independent cattle producers, and plans to open the plant in late 2023.

About Gross-Wen Technologies: ( - GWT is a wastewater treatment technology company which uses algae instead of bacteria or chemicals to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Algae is considered the most sustainable way to treat wastewater.  This is because during the treatment process algae is consuming CO2 from the atmosphere, then the CO2 containing algae is used as a slow-release fertilizer. What makes GWT unique is their algae-based treatment solution, called the revolving algal biofilm system (RAB), which is considered by many experts as the top algae treatment system in the world (6 issued patents). The company was founded by Dr. Martin Gross and Dr. Zhiyou Wen and is based on a technology they developed at Iowa State University. 

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