Curql Fund

The only fund of its kind, the Curql Fund is the gateway for fintech access to credit unions. Curql provides funding for technology companies and fintech entrepreneurs that are working toCurql Collective positively impact how credit unions engage with their members, and how members engage with their money. 

Curql offers a collaborative partnership between credit unions and fintech companies to create fintech jobs, fuel innovation, and improve services for both credit unions and portfolio companies. Curql Fund portfolio companies include Equipifi, Silvur, PatientFi, DefenseStorm, and more. View all Curql Fund fintech industry investments on our portfolio page

As a leading Iowa investment management firm specializing in fintech investment, Next Level Ventures manages Curql's investments in portfolio companies. Next Level Ventures secures funding for fintech companies at all stages. From startup investing to growth stage investing, we provide our portfolio companies with the funding and guidance that build the foundations for success. 

Curql has over $65 million in capital deployed and has reached over 80 CU’s, CUSO’s, and League limited partners. As an experienced Iowa investment management company, Next Level Ventures is well-versed in business investment and capital management. From seed capital for fintech startups to strategic advice for growing fintech companies, we’ve done it all. 

The Curql Fund management team at Next Level Ventures is comprised of founders, operators, and leaders in fintech. We effectively combine extensive knowledge in investment and financial services with years of experience in the fintech industry to unparalleled results among Iowa investment companies. 

Next Level Ventures is always looking for promising fintech companies to invest in. To learn more about how our strategic investment firm can help your business, contact us today.