We work with amazing companies that are solving problems in multiple industries and regions. We manage three funds that have over $250 million of capital commitments. With those resources, we help to build technology companies and develop successful outcomes.


Curql helps credit unions to compete in the fast-changing banking environment and to provide the best solutions to their members. Curql is funded by some of the largest credit unions across the nation and focuses on investing in compelling fintech companies. Curql brings not only capital, but also the possibility to bring commercial success to the portfolio. Next Level Ventures manages Curql's investments. Check out for even more information.


Next Level Ventures launched in 2014 with relationships with credit unions, insurance companies, and strategic investors. Our goal is to invest in technologies as part of the Midwest startup ecosystem which have promising futures. Iowa has strong business roots in agriculture, banking, biosciences, insurance, and manufacturing, and we utilize these great attributes in the companies we back. We are actively sourcing new investments in Iowa.