What is capital investment?

Capital investment involves securing monetary assets to fund the growth and expansion of a business. Next Level Ventures secures funding for startup companies as well as growth-stage funding for companies seeking expansion.

What is strategic investment?

As a strategic investment company, Next Level Ventures forms an ongoing partnership with the companies that we invest in. In this partnership, we take a proactive role in helping our portfolio companies succeed with financial, operational, and networking expertise.

How much does Next Level Ventures typically invest in a company?

Our typical investments range from $500,000 to $10 million per business. Learn more about our investments.

At what stage of a company does Next Level Ventures invest in?

Next Level Ventures invests in companies ranging from seed funding to growth-stage capital.

What are some of the companies Next Level Ventures has invested in?

You can learn more about the wide range of companies we have invested in by visiting our portfolio.

Where does the funding come from in capital investment?

Our funding comes from one of our two funds. The Curql fund is funded by some of the largest credit unions across the nation, and our Midwest fund is backed by strong relationships with credit unions, insurance companies, and strategic investors. 

Does Next Level Ventures invest in companies outside of Iowa?

We invest in companies from all across the nation. Learn more by visiting our portfolio or funds page.

How do I start the process of getting capital investment for my business?

We are actively seeking new investments. If your business is seeking seed funding or funding for growth and expansion, please contact us today!

What does Next Nevel Ventures look for in a potential investment?

There are a number of factors that we consider in a potential investment. These factors include the leadership team's vision and ability to execute, the desire and demand for the solution in the market, the probability of a positive outcome, and alignment with our fund strategies.

How does Next Level Ventures work with the companies we invest in after the initial investment?

As strategic investors, we believe our ability to supplement our portfolio companies' ability to grow their businesses is equally important to the capital funding we provide for that growth. To that end, we support our companies by providing introductions to potential customers and partners, strategic business consultation on product direction and business expansioin, market guidance regarding future funding and potential exit paths, and expertise in startup operations.