Investing in DefenseStorm

Posted on 12/19/2021 at 12:00 AM by Dave Tucker

We are spending more time online than ever before. As more workers are working remotely and more consumers are turning to online and digital tools, we’re also seeing more cyberattacks than ever before.

The financial services industry is particularly impacted, with cyberattacks up 238% and rising. While the quantity of cyberattacks increases, so too does the sophistication. Cyber threats are constantly and rapidly evolving, and the financial services industry is struggling to keep up.

Financial services companies need an efficient way to connect monitoring, detection, triage, response, resolution, audit-trail and reporting, while maintaining privacy and security needs and running efficient operations.

DefenseStorm is a specialized cybersecurity, cyberfraud, and cybercompliance company specifically built for the financial services industry. It is the only co-managed, cloud-based, and compliance-automated solution of its kind, consolidated into an all-in-one system.

By leveraging AI technology with human interaction, DefenseStorm quickly and safely delivers solutions to mitigate online threats.

Financial service companies are not only faced with evolving cyberattacks, but also a constantly evolving regulatory environment. While DefenseStorm provides solutions to preventing and reacting to cyber threats, its systems simultaneously simplify compliance and governance activities. Reducing audit prep time by 75% or more, DefenseStorm’s consolidated system compiles everything financial institutions need for audits while integrating into cyberfraud and cyberattack prevention departments.

“DefenseStorm continuously adapts to cybersecurity trends and customer needs, which has allowed the company to scale very quickly,” said Dave Tucker, Partner at Next Level Ventures. “This is illustrated by their recent addition of a cyberfraud component to their system. Not only have they changed the way financial service companies prepare for and react to cyber threats, but they’ve also built systems and software for the industry to meet complex regulatory needs and prevent cyberfraud.”

Beyond transforming the way our credit unions and other financial institutions fight against cyberattacks and cyberfraud, DefenseStorm has been dedicated to finding ways to bridge the cybersecurity job gap facing our society today. As cyberattacks increase across all industries, many companies are in desperate need of additional skilled cyber professionals. Continuing to adapt and evolve the way AI and humans integrate will be critical in solving our cyber labor shortage, and DefenseStorm is at the forefront of those efforts.