Curql Fund Positions Credit Unions as Trailblazers in Innovation

Posted on 11/08/2021 at 04:21 PM by Ashley Hunt

Curql Fund Positions Credit Unions as Trailblazers in Innovation


Credit unions have consistently been at the forefront of innovation since they came into the financial services space, meeting needs that banks could not. The concept came to life in large part thanks to a collaboration of many leaders and influencers of the time, and immediately, the credit union industry transformed the way we look at financial services.

Once again, the credit union space is being positioned as trailblazers with the creation of a collaborative venture capital fund called Curql.

Curql is the first and only of its kind – providing a gateway for fintech access to credit unions. With the fintech industry rapidly expanding, it became clear to us the significance of attracting fintech to credit unions, bringing each to the table in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Traditionally, high visibility and sizeable resources have given big banks the edge in working with financial technology enterprises. The Curql Fund changes that – creating a concerted effort allowing credit unions to pool resources and do business with the most innovative fintech startups across the world, enabling the credit union industry to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology.

Consumers are increasingly turning to digital tools, prioritizing services such as online banking, lending, payments, savings, financial education, digital engagement, member enablement, and cyber security. Curql allows the credit union industry to once again be at the forefront of innovation in bringing access to state-of-the-art banking solutions to their members.

Now, with a ready source of capital to attract the most innovative fintech startups to credit unions, the credit union industry can better serve members, expecting continued growth and passing on success to their members. The collaboration gives credit unions unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology that helps members simplify the process of working with credit unions, introducing more effective and meaningful interactions between credit unions and their members.

While Curql presents a pathway that benefits both credit unions and fintechs, the fund also allows for credit unions to directly invest in Curql. This brings credit unions to the center of it all, making them more attractive as business partners and more relevant to stakeholders and clients.

Curql Collective and Next Level Ventures are proud to be on the frontline of investing in world-class technology solutions that benefit the credit union industry and its members. Next Level Ventures leads, structures, and manages Curql Fund investments. Next Level Ventures has been investing and partnering with leaders in the credit union space for years and brings unmatched experience in credit union venture capital to the collective.

As of the closing round in early November, the more than   $250M fund has funded six leading fintechs and partnered with more than two dozen credit unions, with countless more opportunities on the horizon.

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