Next Level Ventures Verticals

Next Level Ventures is a leading Iowa investment firm with a diverse portfolio across a variety of industries. We seek out trailblazing startups and entrepreneurs from sectors across the economy, providing seed funding and strategic investment to bring exciting new ideas to consumers and businesses. We also provide capital investment in companies looking to grow and expand their offerings and operations. 

Our passion is helping innovative companies scale up to provide new inventions, ideas, and advancements to the marketplace, bolstering our economy and improving the services and products available to consumers. We specialize in a number of core verticals but are not limited to just these investment sectors. We are actively sourcing new investments and invite eligible businesses to learn more about Next Level as a potential investor.

Specialized Investment Verticals

Software Investment Company - Next Level VenturesSoftware as a Service Investments

Energy, banking, insurance, agriculture, and manufacturing provide opportunities for new innovations in software development using SaaS. With a focus on subscription-based software as a business model, Next Level Ventures eagerly invests in exciting new SaaS solutions and SaaS applications for these ever-changing and evolving enterprises.

Fintech Investments

FinTech Investment Company - Next Level VenturesNext Level Ventures invests heavily in the financial technology industry. We partner with various Fintech companies to advance the development of groundbreaking new financial services technology. Next Level Ventures investments have provided funding for innovative trading systems, financial algorithms, and software. Through our Curql Fund, our firm has extensive experience and success in providing fintech investment in capital management to promising fintech companies nationwide. 

AgTech Investments

Agriculture Investment Company - Next Level VenturesAgriculture is the largest economic engine driving the economy of Iowa and the midwest. Our region produces food for the world and alternative energy for our vehicles. As the demand for agricultural products increases, new agricultural science and agricultural technology is changing the way our farmers produce their products. To help feed and fuel the world, Next Level Ventures provides AgTech funding for inventions, software, and sciences in the agricultural vertical. 

AI Investment Company - Next Level VenturesArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Investments

Advances in artificial intelligence software and machine learning algorithms have nearly endless potential to advance industries across the globe. Next Level Ventures is a capital investment company that sees this potential and eagerly seeks out ideas and companies on the cutting edge of A.I. and machine learning.

Technology Investment Company - Next Level VenturesTechnology, Media, and Telecommunications Investments

We live in the age of rapidly evolving technology and communications methods. Next Level Ventures believes that the next great new media platform or invention is always on the horizon. As an experienced new media investment group, we are always looking for new the next revolution in media or telecommunications equipment. Media and telecommunications technology has the potential to continue to make the world smaller and bring information to every corner of the globe. 

Healthcare Technology Investment Company - Next Level VenturesHealthcare Technology Investments

In 2020, nearly 20% of the American economy was in the healthcare industry. From healthcare insurance to medical products and software, the HealthTech investment vertical is full of opportunities for advances with new inventions and software. From cybersecurity companies looking to protect patient privacy to the latest medical advances, Next Level Ventures provides HealthTech funding for new and exciting ideas that assist the industry in providing better care for all.

Next Level Ventures is not limited to these verticals. New technology and ideas from other verticals are always on our radar. E-commerce, health and wellness, heavy industry, and human resources technology are all other verticals we pursue and invest in regularly. If you have an idea, product, or company you feel is the next great innovation in your field, Next Level Ventures can be the right investment source to rapidly scale your business to new heights. For more information, visit our FAQ section, learn more about our funds, or reach out to speak with one of our investment experts

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