Next Level Ventures is a leading investment firm striving to fuel innovation and economic growth in the Midwest and beyond. We provide strategic investment partnerships for technology companies ranging from seed funding to growth-stage capital management. 

We manage over $300 million in assets across a portfolio of over 30 companies and two large-scale strategies. Our Iowa funds back the state's most innovative companies in sectors like agtech, datatech, fintech, healthtech, and IoT. Learn more about the industries we invest in. Our Curql Fund provides strategic fintech investment that connects firms to our nationwide network of forward-thinking credit unions. The Curql fund has provided funding for technology companies with a vast range of capabilities throughout the United States.

As an innovative investment firm, we use our funds to help companies that want to scale rapidly. Our typical investments range from $0.5 to $10 million per business. After we invest, we take a proactive role in helping our portfolio companies succeed with financial, operational, and networking expertise. We are entrepreneurs, technologists, and executives with extensive experience in all aspects of the investment management sector. We’re well versed in raising capital, analyzing strategic options, and running businesses.

As a capital investment company, a key metric of success is the return for our investors. However, we also strongly believe that true success comes from making a meaningful contribution. We do this by supporting not only our great entrepreneurs, but also the related non-profits that incubate the ideas which lead to promising opportunities. From startup investing to supporting growing businesses, we deliver effective partnerships with every investment.

Our knowledgeable team is one of the biggest reasons Next Level is one of the leading IA investment firms. We have backed a number of innovative businesses and are always looking for new and exciting businesses to support. To learn more about our investments or connect with a team member, visit our FAQ page or contact us today!